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Opinions about moving are unanimous; moving is stressful and it is expensive. Our Memphis moving company understands that it is hard to save money when you are moving. When you decide to move to Memphis, you have a few options about how you go about the endeavor. You can either move yourself and enlist the help of family and friends, or you could hire residential Memphis movers. While moving yourself is cheaper, hiring a full service moving company can save you time and a lot of hassle. If you do decide to hire a moving company in Memphis, there are a few tricks for cutting down the cost.

Minimize. Get rid of the clutter and rid yourself of unnecessary belongings. Have a garage sale, donate, or throw away anything that you can live without. Weight equals money and the less weight, less money.

Move in the off-season. Choosing when you move can also save you money with Memphis movers. Opt to move in the off-season, which is any month besides June or July. Also, moving in the middle of the month can save money since people tend to move at the beginning and end of the month.

Book your move in advance. The sooner you book your Memphis movers, the less likely it is that you will be charged a higher rate. If you move last minute and have to book within a few weeks of your move, the moving company will charge extra for the last minute booking.

Be flexible. Be flexible on the time when the Memphis movers pick up and deliver your belongings. If you are willing to work with their schedule, you may be able to ask them for a price break.

Understand the costs. There are varying degrees of services with Memphis movers, and different charges for each service. Inquire about any possible charges that could arise during your move and the fees attached to those services.

No matter how much you consider yourself a gypsy spirit, All My Sons’ movers know that you will always feel a strange pulling at your heart strings when you pack up and move to a new city. We know how important it is for people to have a home base where they feel completely comfortable, and they put a lot of work into creating that space. So naturally, when it is taken away from you because you are moving to Memphis, you will probably feel like a piece of you is missing.

We would like to share a few secrets we have learned along the way and hopefully you will use this guide when you decide that you are going to be moving Memphis:

1. Remind yourself of how courageous you are.

2. Don’t be afraid to be alone and embrace the solitude.

3. Get excited for new adventures and develop an insatiable appetite for undiscovered opportunities.

4. Take care of yourself. Don’t expect too much to come from your move at first; take time to build a nest and make it your sacred space.

5. Find beauty in the differences and don’t compare them to what you once knew.

6. Take solace and beauty in the small things surrounding you.

7. Allow yourself to grieve the loss of the life you had before moving to Memphis.

8. Maintain your relationships with people from your previous home.

9. Find time every day to do what you love and what inspires you.

10. Exude warmth and kindness to everyone you encounter and people will be drawn to you.

11. Don’t be afraid if it takes you time to adjust after moving to Memphis.

12. Get involved in the community.

13. Find all the beautiful places that Memphis has to offer.

Here at All My Sons Moving & Storage, we are beyond happy to hear of the Church of God in Christ’s announcement that they plan to begin construction in March 2017 on the project, Mason Village, which will be a multifamily, affordable housing unit in Memphis.

The city of Memphis is loaning $4 million towards the $10 million project for affordable housing in Memphis, which will bring 77 “affordable houses” to the vacant site of Fowler Homes, a public housing project at Fourth Avenue and Crump Boulevard that was torn down in 2004.

The project, which has been in works for approximately seven years, is a joint venture between Church of God in Christ and John Stanley Inc. with support from the city of Memphis. In a Tuesday press conference, Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland stated that the affordable housing in Memphis would help to ease the city’s demand for affordable housing.

The Mason Village, named in honor of one of the church’s founders, Charles Mason, will have 59 two-bedroom units that will cost an average of $595 per month. The 18 three-bedroom townhomes will cost approximately $685 a month. The units will only be available to families earning less than 60 percent of the area’s median income families of similar size.

A recent study showed that only 55 affordable housing units in Memphis are available for 100 residents earning half of the median income. Affordable housing in Memphis becomes even harder to find for people earning less than the median income. The Memphis moving company knows that if anything is going to change in our city, it’s going to take as many people helping as possible.

A steamboat company based in Memphis, The American Queen Steamboat Company, plans to add a second suites-only ship, the American Duchess, to its Mississippi River cruise line up next year in June 2017. According to chief operating officer, Ted Skyes, the hope is that the 166 passenger steamboat will boost jobs and tourism in Memphis and bolster service to Nashville and Chicago.

The steamboat company based in Memphis unveiled their extension plans Tuesday in a luncheon with travel industry writers in New York City. The American Duchess will join the 435 passenger American Queen, which is known for bringing overnight cruises back to the Mississippi and tributaries in 2012 after its four-year absence.

The American Steamboat company which is based in Memphis has contracted with an American shipyard for the Duchess’s buildout which will include a paddlewheel for an auxiliary power and a classic riverboat look. Memphis movers and company officials believe the American Duchess will give them a much needed leg up on the competitors who are targeting the Mississippi River cruise market.

The American Duchess will be more upscale than the American Queen, with rooms as large as 450 square feet, which is the largest offered by the Memphis based steamboat company. The riverboat will introduce shorter cruise times that will be aimed at working professionals since shorter cruises appeal to a younger demographic of people who are still working.

The American Duchess will operate on a year-round schedule, without a winter downtime. The steamboat company based in Memphis will offer the least expensive nine-day cruise between Memphis and New Orleans that will cost a couple approximately $5,400.

The Memphis based moving company, All My Sons Moving & Storage, is excited for the tourist and job growth that the American Duchess is expected to attract. We are proud of the economic impact the American Queen Steamboat Company is bringing to our home port of Memphis and the many cities included in their visit, including New Orleans and St. Louis.

Habitat for Humanity has joined with former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter for the thirty-third annual Jimmy & Rosalyn Carter Work Project. This initiative has always been about building affordable housing in Memphis, as well as other parts of the United States. As a member of many communities all over the United States, All My Sons Moving & Storage understands the need to build and maintain strong neighborhoods like these.

These initiatives attract people of all ages and backgrounds. Earlier this week, the former president was joined by country music star Garth Brooks, who is also a long-time Habitat for Humanity member.

The project aims to build 19 new homes and restore 10 Memphis neighborhoods through painting and landscaping. Advocated call this process “beautification”. This ensures that there will be affordable housing in Memphis. The old housing and neighborhoods will be redone to attract more people to the area. Once everything looks fantastic, old neighborhoods will be ready for sale.

When it comes to affordable housing in Memphis, Habitat for Humanity CEO, Dwayne Spencer, is all about raising awareness. Spencer claims, “We remain dedicated to addressing housing disparities by both our physical actions, as well as by serving as a voice for so many who have few options to improve their housing situations.”

Though the project helps those in need who already live in Memphis, the overall economy, as well as the surrounding areas, will all benefit from the projects included in the beautification.

Habitat for Humanity is changing the company’s core values from home building to neighborhood revitalization.

Are you new to Memphis? Do not fret, we were all new to this great city at some point in our lives. All My Sons Moving & Storage would like to not only welcome you, but also thank you for using our Memphis movers to get you here! We also want to offer a quick guide to those who want to spend a day in the city and really see what it has to offer. Stop wondering about the things to do in Memphis and read this list!

Peabody Hotel

The saying goes, that the Mississippi Delta begins in the lobby of the Peabody Hotel. Start you day right here! Grab a breakfast and maybe a mimosa or two at the lobby before moving through Memphis. This is definitely one of the most iconic things to do in Memphis.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Elvis Presley or not, you have likely heard about him and know one of his songs. Trust our Memphis movers on this one. Take a trip out to Graceland to see where one of the most influential music icons of all time used to live.

Lunch: The Rendezvous

This is not just one of the things to do in Memphis, this is the highest regarded BBQ spot in the city. Take a lunch break at this great restaurant.

Backbeat’s Mojo Tour

The best way to spend 90 minutes in the city after a hearty BBQ lunch is to take an afternoon tour of Memphis with Backbeat. The best part is that you remain on a nice, air-conditioned bus so you can really beat the heat and relax a bit.

Downtown Dinner and Drinks

End a great day with a fun filled evening. If you’ve just moved to Memphis, chances are you know about the city’s great night life. Stick around the Cooper-Young district and you will be set!

The 1300s have moved to Memphis. Visiting the Renaissance Faire is definitely one of the best things to do in Memphis this August.

Put down that box and let the crew at All My Sons Moving & Storage take care of it for you. Take some time to go out and see the new city you have just moved to! You may or may not have been to the Renaissance Faire before, but we can assure that you have never been to a Memphis version of the Faire! Put the Renaissance Faire on your list of things to do in Memphis, and read on.

The Faire consists of good food, great drinks, and an even better time, catering to a wide variety of people. The best part of the Renaissance Faire is that you can choose your level of involvement. Some people choose to be as authentic as possible; meaning they’ll dress up, use the dialect and even put on a posh British accent.

If this doesn’t sounds like one of the things to do in Memphis that are particularly exciting to you, trust us and try it once. You are guaranteed to have a great time! If you’ve just moved to Memphis then you might still have your corset or kilt in a box. Don’t fret! You can come in your modern clothes and enjoy the sights, plays and food anyway.

Some of the must-sees and things to do in Memphis at the Renaissance Faire are as follows:

– Turkey legs

– The legendary pub crawl (21 and older of course)

– Jousting

Here are some items you must pack to ensure you survive:

– Water

– Cash

– Good walking shoes

– A hat and/or sunscreen

People living in neighborhoods in Memphis, as well as those considering a move to Memphis, will be happy to hear that the city if fighting back against blight. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been moving people to Memphis and the surrounding neighborhoods for years. We fully understand that sometimes a clean-up is necessary.

The latest project for the neighborhoods in Memphis is to clean up the Pendleton Arms apartments. These apartments are a group of several brick buildings near the Memphis airport, the remnants of an older neighborhood in Memphis. Some housed families, professionals, and surrounding buildings used to be buzzing with commercial movers bringing in new businesses, but not anymore. The buildings have been empty and falling apart for almost 10 years.

The University of Memphis Law School is helping out, too. The University’s Law School has represented the city in almost 600 cases regarding blight in the area. Without their help, the city may not be able to tear these, and other blighted buildings, down. They will also take all of the cases for free. It’s surprising that the city needs this much legal presentation to do the right thing. The only way to create new neighborhoods in Memphis is to start fresh in certain areas.

It will cost about $300,000 to tear the buildings down and to dispose of the materials safely. No one is sure what will replace these apartments, but Memphis residents are hopeful. The location is prime for office buildings and even some apartments. We are all happy to see Memphis growing!

If you are moving to Memphis, then you should start brainstorming the ways you will be decorating your room when you arrive! This is the fun part of moving to a new place; you get to start from scratch and reinvent your living space. After all, your room is a location you spend a majority of your time, so it should make you feel comforted and safe. If you are drawing a blank as to how to go about decorating your room, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a few ideas to offer!


• Make a dream board. All you need is cork board and pins. You can post pictures with people who are significant in your life, inspirational quotes, and note-to-self messages. This could be your canvas to express your dreams and ambitions. You can personalize it by adding a colorful border to the perimeter of the cork board.


• Hang a tapestry. There are so many elegant and colorful tapestries that you can choose from. They make the environment very relaxed and peaceful. You can express your inner hippie vibe by choosing one with funky designs.


• Hang lanterns from the ceiling. Instead of using conventional lighting for your bedroom, you can simply hang lanterns from hooks on your ceiling. This makes your room very inviting. If you feel nervous using fire, you can purchase electric lanterns.


• Add plants. This will make your room more vibrant and bountiful. Being surrounded by life is inspiring, and it adds color to your room. Here at All My Sons, we are big fans of sprucing up your room with live plants.

Upon moving to Memphis, it is natural that you will have plenty of obligations to settle into your new home. Once you handle all of the logistical responsibilities you are bound to have, then you can finally relax and handle your secondary needs, such as making friends. Forming significant relationships with others is a natural human need, and it is important to do if you want to feel comfortable and content in your new city. If you are having trouble in the beginning making friends after moving to Memphis, follow some of these tips we are providing you from All My Sons Moving & Storage!


• Get out of your house. Although this piece of advice may seem blatantly obvious, many people neglect it in the beginning of a move. It may feel intimidating to go out into your new city right away, especially if you know no one. However, you must push yourself to go out alone in order to make friends after moving to Memphis. Step out of your comfort zone and explore. You never know the sights you will encounter or the people you will meet this way.


• Say yes to every invitation. If someone extends an invitation to you, All My Sons believes that you should accept no matter what the activity entails, as long as it is safe. This is your “in” towards making friends and experiencing new things. It will keep you busy, which is important to avoid feelings of loneliness. Also, it will make you feel a part of something, and all people want to feel included. You will meet people who may turn into your best friends. You never know until you give a plan a shot.