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Memphis corporate movers at All My Sons Moving Company know the process of moving can bring up plenty of unexpected moving expenses along the way. Fortunately, there are many ways in which movers can qualify for tax write offs and save money overall.

Here are some things you need to know to qualify for moving deductions:

1.Single taxpayers and married taxpayers can deduct job related moving costs. However, unmarried partners cannot enjoy the same benefits.

2. To qualify for moving deductions, your new job must be at least 50 miles further from your previous residence than your old job.

3. Employees must work full-time for at least 39 weeks for the first 12 months after the move.

4. If you are self-employed and hoping for a write off, you must work at least 78 weeks during the first two years of your move.

5. Travel expenses are deductible. These include transportation, lodging, and moving day expenses.

6. Memphis corporate movers say the cost of packing, shipping, unpacking, and storage are deductible if it falls within a certain period of consecutive days.

Here are some moving expenses that you cannot write off:

1. Vacations you take on the way to your new destination

2. Any meals purchased at any time

3. The price of your new home

4. Closing costs

5. Mortgage fees

6. The cost of breaking a lease

7. Home improvement costs

Memphis corporate movers recommend to those who are moving to and from Memphis to keep all receipts and bills during their move. Furthermore, speak to tax professional regarding extra deductions and write-offs.

Are you looking for perfect gifts for new homeowners? All My Sons Memphis moving company knows there are plenty of things new homeowners forget to bring along with them during their move. You can make their transition into their new home easier by providing them with creative, yet practical housewarming gifts for new homeowner they will want to have around the house:

The Homeowners Manual

Our Memphis moving company says this is the perfect gift for new homeowners. This book provides a beginner’s guide to owning a home: fixing a leaky faucet, cleaning a chimney, and resetting circuit breakers. Your friends can find the answer to their everyday household questions in this step-by-step guide.

Monogrammed Doormat

This is a decorative and personalized way to welcome guests into a new home

Personalized Key Holder

Do your friends a favor and eliminate the hassle of searching for keys while trying to rush out of the door.

Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glasses

A set of personalized stemless wine glasses are not only an easy decoration, but can also be used for cocktails, juice, or even soda.

DIY Toolbox

Your friends will thank you when something goes wrong around the house.

Personalized Cutting Board

An easy way to add a personal touch to their kitchen decoration

Prefilled Spice Rack

This gift will come in handy almost every day, as it makes whipping up any recipe easy and quick.


Use this guide from All My Sons Memphis moving company to get your friends something they really want to keep around the house.

After a long day working in a closed-off cubicle, you might find yourself less than excited to head back to a small studio apartment. All My Sons movers and packers in Memphis have three decades of experience in the moving industry, so we can offer a few tips for making the most out of your studio apartment.

-Try not to decorate your studio apartment as if it is one room. Create distinct areas in your living space by decorating an area for sleeping, living, entertaining, and eating.

-Instead of creating a wall to divide the room, try using a backless bookshelf. A book shelf can serve to divide areas of the room, a place to decorate with pictures and candles, as well as allowing you to see through to the other side of the room. This is an easy way to create different areas within the room without closing it off.

-Movers and packers in Memphis recommend hanging curtains as high as possible, which will make the windows seem higher, giving the room a larger appearance.

-For a little bit of privacy, try using a thin curtain as a wall to divide your bed from the rest of the room. When you are awake and ready to expand the room, simply opening the curtain will give the room a bigger feel.

-Using light colors on the walls and the floor will reflect light, making it feel airy and more open.

-Movers and packers in Memphis suggest buying furniture that serves multiple purposes. Store blankets and remotes inside an ottoman, and a console used beneath a window can double as a dining table for meals.

Local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage know that Memphis is the perfect place to celebrate the holidays this year. This vibrant city hosts countless festivals, concerts, parades, games, and decorations to keep holiday spirits high all month long.

Local Memphis movers recommend you gather your friends and family to join in on the festivities with these four holiday traditions in Memphis:

Starry Nights at Shelby Farms Park

From November 18 until December 27, Starry Nights is the biggest holiday light show in the region. The park is illuminated with more than 1.5 million LED lights for visitors to enjoy. An illuminated path leads to the heart of Starry Nights: Mistletoe Village, where you will find a winter wonderland for visitors to enjoy decorations, a petting zoo, roasted s’mores, ice sculpting, photos with Santa, and holiday shopping. Starry Nights hosts live music performances from local bands throughout the season, beginning at 6 p.m. each night.

The Nutcracker presented by Ballet Memphis 

One of the top holiday traditions in Memphis, and the season’s most popular show nation-wide, Ballet Memphis will perform The Nutcracker along with the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. The show runs from December 9 until December 11, 2 p.m. and a second show at 7:30 p.m. each day.

Memphis Holiday Parade

The Memphis Holiday Parade takes place in the famous Beale Street entertainment district. The parade begins at 4 p.m. Saturday, December 3, and features colorful holiday floats, Christmas music, and performances from Memphis dancers and twirlers.

Brooks Winterfest

Local Memphis movers recommend visitors and new residents check out Brooks Winterfest on Sunday, December 15. Brooks Winterfest is free to enter and offers ornament decoration, holiday games, a visit with Santa Clause, musical performances by the Navy Band Mid-South, horse drawn carriages, and food trucks.

A Memphis Thanksgiving is all about celebrating traditions through recipes and family celebrations. Hosting a flavorful feast with your loved ones is the best part of the holiday. This year, instead of serving up the traditional pumpkin pie for dessert, local Memphis movers recommend you give your Memphis Thanksgiving a Tennessee twist with this simple recipe for bourbon pecan pie.

For the Pie Crust:

2 cups all-purpose flour

⅓ cup light brown sugar

¾ tsp. fine sea salt

1 stick unsalted butter

7 tbsp. unsalted butter

For the Filling

½ cup granulated sugar

¼ cup light brown sugar

1½ tsp. all-purpose flour

½ tsp. fine sea salt

4 large eggs

1½ cup cane, dark corn syrup, or honey

2 tbsp. bourbon

1½ tbsp. unsalted butter

1½ tbsp. pure vanilla extract

1¾ cups unsalted pecan halves


Pie Crust: In a bowl, mix the flour, brown sugar, and salt. Stir in the butter until the dough comes together into a ball. Transfer the dough to a ceramic pie plate. Using your fingers, press the dough over the bottom, and then up the side of the plate to the rim. Crimp the edge with your fingers or a fork. Refrigerate for one hour.

Filling: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a bowl, whisk both sugars with the flour, salt, and eggs until smooth, then mix in the syrup or honey. Add the bourbon, butter, and vanilla, and fold in the pecans.

Pour the filling into the chilled crust and transfer the pie to a foil-lined baking sheet. Cover loosely with foil and bake for one hour, until the filling is nearly set. Transfer the pie to a rack and let cool completely, about four hours, before serving.


Enjoy this Tennessee style Thanksgiving dessert, courtesy of your local Memphis movers.

Memphis is a city buzzing with entertainment, history, night life, and rock and roll. All My Sons Memphis movers know a visit to this city does not do it justice; which is why so many people are moving to Memphis.

For an authentic Memphis exploration, All My Sons Memphis movers say you cannot miss out on the Mississippi Riverboat tours. The city of Memphis is situated in the southwestern corner of the state, rising from a bluff along the Mississippi river. Over the years, the Mississippi River has played a vital role in the development and success of the Memphis lifestyle.

An open river cruise out of Memphis is entertaining, informative, and relaxing. It is a refreshing and fun way to learn about Memphis and the Mississippi River, while cooling off from the Tennessee sun. Memphis Riverboats has been operating along the river since 1955. They provide 90-minute narrated, sightseeing cruises up and down the river. Visitors can learn about Tennessee’s history and the river’s vast contributions to the success of Memphis.

Turn your Mississippi riverboat cruise into date night on the company’s two hour tour. Memphis Riverboats offers an evening dinner and music cruise. Tickets include buffet-style meals, dessert, coffee, tea, and spirits. Guests can enjoy the beautiful river sights while listening to R&B, jazz, and blues from the house band. The cruise is also a popular field trip destination for Tennessee students.

All My Sons Memphis movers know it is important to immerse yourself in the history and culture of your new city. Mississippi Riverboat tours are the best way to go!

Beale Street is the number one tourist attraction in the entire state of Tennessee, voted the most iconic street in America by USA Today. Local Memphis movers know visitors and new residents head to this street for a night of partying, blues music, and entertainment. However, we have a few things you may not have known about Beale street:

1.Beale Street is the only place in Tennessee where you can legally walk around with an alcoholic beverage in your hand.

2. Beale Street is home to the oldest store in Memphis. A. Schwab, a general store, has kept its doors open throughout the 1960s, 70s, 80s, all the way until today. The store is still open, selling odd items, local treats, and milkshakes.

3. Local Memphis movers have another town secret: the hidden absinthe bar and pool hall next to King’s Palace Café. Take the black stairs next to the café and you will find the locals enjoying an absinthe bar and pool tables.

4. Beale Street has their own version of the Olympics. Not exactly an athletic competition, Beale Street hosts the Beale Street Wine Race every spring. Servers and bartenders take part in drinking, grape stomping, and relay challenges in which servers run with drinks on trays.

5. Beale Street has a local ghost. Local Memphis movers say the rumor around town is that a girl named Mary passed away outside of the Orpheum Theatre, and still stops by from time to time. They even kept theatre seat C15 in her honor.

Although it may seem like an unusual suggestion, Memphis movers encourage new residents to check out the Lorraine Motel in Memphis. Located just east of the Mississippi River at 450 Mulberry Street in Downtown Memphis, the Lorraine Motel opened its doors in 1920s.

What makes this motel so remarkable? During the segregation in the 1960s, the Lorraine was one of the only hotels in which African American travelers felt safe. However, on April 4, 1968, it forever became known as the spot where civil rights activist and leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Today, the Lorraine Motel is the home of the famous National Civil Rights Museum. Memphis movers recommend this historical spot for new residents to take a crash course in one of America’s most powerful movements.

The National Civil Rights Museum was established in 1991, and their mission is to educate visitors on the milestone events that shaped the Civil Rights movement in the United States. The NCRM is filled with 260 artifacts, 40 films, interactive media, and oral history that guides visitors through five centuries of history. Notable time periods at the museum include the beginning of resistance during slavery, Civil War, reconstruction, the rise of Jim Crow, and the events that led to the movement towards equality.

Exhibitions at the National Civil Rights Museum aim to spread the lessons and culture that was born through America’s Civil Rights Movement, such as:

“A Culture of Resistance” – Describing the hardships of slavery in America from 1619-1861

“Standing Up by Sitting Down” – Recalling the student sit-ins that inspired change in the 1960s

“The Year They Walked” – The Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955-1956

Memphis movers agree with the museum’s mission statement, “To provoke thoughtful debate and serve as a catalyst for positive change.”

If you are planning to throw a Memphis barbecue after your move, you could be looking at a lot of work on your plate. While barbecuing is fun and delicious, it can be a lot of work to plan, host, and remain at the barbecue the whole time cooking. All My Sons’ Memphis movers have been to their fair share of barbecues, and has these easy rib recipes to make your Memphis barbecue a sure fire success.

While you are firing up your grill up for some burgers, consider already have your slow cooker powered up in the kitchen with some ribs! These slow cooker, easy ribs are simple to make and will kick your Memphis barbecue up a notch.

Basic. As simple as it gets, put your rack of ribs in your slow cooker and almost a full bottle of barbecue sauce. This is really all you need to get a basic barbecue rib! Cook on low for 6-8 hours or high for 4-5 hours, depending on your timing and slow cooker. Memphis movers recommend adding some spices, liquid smoke, a can of root beer, or beer to this for extra flavor.

Asian. For an Asian flare to your barbecue, combine some teriyaki with your barbecue sauce. Add in flavors of either ginger, Sriracha, honey, sesame seeds, orange, or scallions to perfect the dish. It is okay to play with flavors, add things to your taste.

Apple Spice. Perfect for a fall barbecue recipe, try apple spice ribs for your first barbecue after moving to Memphis. Combine apple cider vinegar and a little apple sauce with your barbecue sauce. A onion and brown sugar complete this recipe.

All My Sons Memphis agrees that having some ribs going in your slow cooker for a fast and easy addition to your barbecue will take the stress out of throwing an awesome Memphis barbecue!

Memphis is well-known for its rock ‘n’ roll roots. Visit the Rock n Soul Museum to check out all the music history that Memphis has to offer. Moving to Memphis is sure to provide a wide variety within the music scene! From A-list performers touring through the city, to local coffee shops and bars you should check out how it all started!

The Rock ‘n’ Soul museum offers affordable admission for about $12.00. Upon entering you will receive and audio device for your self-guided tour. Listen to the whole thing, or skip around according to your favorite music style or artist. This tour will embrace the culture and history of Memphis through music! Listen to the story of Elvis, or understand how inequality was overcame for the love of creating great tunes.

After moving to Memphis, you will see that this venue will provide entertainment for all ages. Older generations can appreciate and enjoy seeing and remembering things from their past. Younger generations love listening to all of the music and seeing the different photos from the past. There is a juke box in every room with music pertaining to what exhibit it is on display.

All My Sons Moving & Storage believes it is important to embrace the culture of the area you live. Not only will it help you understand the locals it can give you a broader sense of how your neighborhood was shaped. Visit the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum with family visiting from out of town, or some friends!