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If you are moving to Memphis, then you should start brainstorming the ways you will be decorating your room when you arrive! This is the fun part of moving to a new place; you get to start from scratch and reinvent your living space. After all, your room is a location you spend a majority of your time, so it should make you feel comforted and safe. If you are drawing a blank as to how to go about decorating your room, All My Sons Moving & Storage has a few ideas to offer!


• Make a dream board. All you need is cork board and pins. You can post pictures with people who are significant in your life, inspirational quotes, and note-to-self messages. This could be your canvas to express your dreams and ambitions. You can personalize it by adding a colorful border to the perimeter of the cork board.


• Hang a tapestry. There are so many elegant and colorful tapestries that you can choose from. They make the environment very relaxed and peaceful. You can express your inner hippie vibe by choosing one with funky designs.


• Hang lanterns from the ceiling. Instead of using conventional lighting for your bedroom, you can simply hang lanterns from hooks on your ceiling. This makes your room very inviting. If you feel nervous using fire, you can purchase electric lanterns.


• Add plants. This will make your room more vibrant and bountiful. Being surrounded by life is inspiring, and it adds color to your room. Here at All My Sons, we are big fans of sprucing up your room with live plants.

Upon moving to Memphis, it is natural that you will have plenty of obligations to settle into your new home. Once you handle all of the logistical responsibilities you are bound to have, then you can finally relax and handle your secondary needs, such as making friends. Forming significant relationships with others is a natural human need, and it is important to do if you want to feel comfortable and content in your new city. If you are having trouble in the beginning making friends after moving to Memphis, follow some of these tips we are providing you from All My Sons Moving & Storage!


• Get out of your house. Although this piece of advice may seem blatantly obvious, many people neglect it in the beginning of a move. It may feel intimidating to go out into your new city right away, especially if you know no one. However, you must push yourself to go out alone in order to make friends after moving to Memphis. Step out of your comfort zone and explore. You never know the sights you will encounter or the people you will meet this way.


• Say yes to every invitation. If someone extends an invitation to you, All My Sons believes that you should accept no matter what the activity entails, as long as it is safe. This is your “in” towards making friends and experiencing new things. It will keep you busy, which is important to avoid feelings of loneliness. Also, it will make you feel a part of something, and all people want to feel included. You will meet people who may turn into your best friends. You never know until you give a plan a shot.

If you are moving to Memphis for college, then you should know that feeling overwhelmed is completely normal. It is such a pivotal time of your life, and it is teeming with sentiment and mixed emotions. At All My Sons, we are here to make this transition as smooth as possible for you. Here are some words of advice for surviving your college move-in day.

• Find out what you’re allowed to bring to college. The last thing you would want is to bring your favorite incense, candles, and a toaster, only for your RA to confiscate it the next day. Save yourself the time and money by educating yourself about what is permitted in your dorm beforehand. You can access this information on your college’s website.

• Get a schedule of your school’s events. This way, you are aware of which meetings are mandatory versus the optional activities. Study the schedule so that you can appropriately plan the day you should arrive to school. It is always better to arrive early, so that you have ample time to unpack.

• Label your boxes. It will make it a lot easier when you get to your dorm. You can use a sharpie and write what is in each box, or you can use a color-coding system to categorize your boxes. It will save you time and stress when unpacking from your move to Memphis.

• Wear comfortable clothing. If you want to be surviving your college move-in day, then this is a necessity. You are going to be carrying boxes to and from your car. This is not the day to dress to impress. You will have all four years to dress up and go out. Here at All My Sons, we believe that you should be comfortable on your move-in day.

If you are considering hosting a summer party after moving to Memphis, then you should know that there are some quick and easy tricks to make your party an unforgettable event. Upon moving to Memphis, you should kick back and celebrate your arrival. Get right into the rhythm of things by hosting a summer party, and you will see how it effectively makes you feel right at home. Here are some great tips about making your get together a smashing success, courtesy of your helpers at All My Sons.


• Serve ice cream floats. This is a classic dessert! You can serve a unique version of everyone’s favorite float by scooping chunks of ice cream into an ice cube tray to shape them. Then, add the blocks of ice cream into jars of milk. Serve with a spoon and a crazy straw. All My Sons guarantees that this dessert will be the biggest hit when hosting a summer party.


• Have a piñata! This feature of a summer party never goes out of style. It appeals to all ages, and it is a classic activity. Provide a bat and a blindfold, and watch as people line up to give it a swing.


• Play a movie outside. You can use a projector and a blank wall to show a movie at your summer party. Gather some comfortable seats, and people will be drawn to this area for sure. Make some popcorn to go with it, and you have yourself an ideal summer party after moving to Memphis.


• Light up the area. If your party is in the evening, you should place candles on the perimeter of the party. This will allow people to feel comfortable, as well as add a nice decoration to your party setup.

Summer is a wonderful season in which you have the flexibility and the opportunities to become the best version of yourself. Working on yourself and for yourself is one of the most self-satisfying goals, and optimizing your health has a tremendous impact on your happiness and general well-being. If you choose to make your health a greater priority after moving to Memphis this summer, you should experiment with these available centers in Memphis that can help you.

Harbor of Health is the all-purpose, holistic health center. It contains a medical clinic as well as a fitness center, and it provides fitness and health seminars. Moreover, Harbor of Health also incorporates mental health into its program by providing classes about stress management. There are acupuncture rooms, a gymnasium, group exercise classes, and a health advisor.

Another commendable health center to check out after moving to Memphis is Fitness First Studio LLC. It provides a gymnasium, as well as nutritional guidelines in order to help people sustain a health-promoting lifestyle. The trainers care about their clients, and they create workouts that match the specific needs of each participant.

Finally, another unique health center is called Curves. It is geared towards woman, and it creates specific workout schedules for members to participate in. There are coaches who always accompany you in the workout class. Curves conducts itself differently than other gyms or health centers, but it operates very effectively, and many members are satisfied with it.

Memphis is the ideal place for a good, old-fashioned camping adventure! This summer, if you have children or pets, or perhaps both, take a break from moving to Memphis and take all members of your family on a camping trip! Rent an RV, or drive over and rent a cabin in any of the following camp sites in Memphis.

Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park: Just north of Memphis, this special state park includes several miles of hiking ground. It is open land for adventurers to examine every inch of, and each inch will offer something new to discover after moving to Memphis. There are exhibits of wild animals such as turtles, salamanders, and a butterfly garden. The land is also open to horses.

Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park Camp Resort: Located in Memphis, Jellystone Park hosts events during the summer. For example, June 3-9 is Caribbean Week, and it will include exciting competitions such as a treasure hunt as well as a fruit race. Safari Weekend is July 8-10, and it honors all the animals out there by conducting a game of animal charades, having an elephant peanut race, and hosting a secret contest that won’t yet be revealed.

Graceland RV Park and Campground: This campground is walking distance from Elvis Presley’s home, and it contains numerous attractions. There are biking and walking trails that snake around the land, and there is also a swimming pool for your family to enjoy after moving to Memphis. There is space for you to build a tent next to your campfire if you choose to do that. There are also cabins that contain the full list of amenities, including heating and air-conditioning.

If you are a bookworm and you are moving to Memphis, then you are in luck because local Memphis movers know of so many events around your area that cater to various types of fans, and book-lovers do not go overlooked. People residing in the city of Memphis understand the importance of reading and writing, and many of them support these activities by participating in a series of literary events nearby. After moving to Memphis, check out some of the top literary events planned for this summer. Happy reading!

June 24: At Barnes & Nobles in Collierville, TN, there will be a night to honor the Harry Potter series. It commences at 7 p.m., and there will be various group activities, including a trivia game, a station to create an Owl Post Postcard, and a chance to create an 875-piece puzzle of the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower. You are also able to enter the Harry Potter Limited Edition Cover Print Sweepstakes.

July 23: Come have lunch and listen to a few acclaimed speakers as they talk about the book, “ “From Heartbreak to Wholeness: Healed, Equipped and Renewed from the Inside Out” in a seminar that relays some insights about love, heartbreak, recovery, and finding mental soundness. There are several workshops and activities, and you will have the opportunity to get the book signed. You also will meet fellow readers who have the same interests as you.

September 10: Memphis is having a Mid South Book Fest at the Playhouse on the Square. Grab all the paperbacks you can get your hands on while you can!

Fourth of July is around the corner, and you don’t want to miss out on any of the festivities! While moving to Memphis can be nerve-wracking right before a holiday, it is also an exciting endeavor. Memphis presents so many incredible opportunities, and the city can offer you an Independence Day celebration like no other. Get out and celebrate Independence Day after moving to Memphis by checking out one or more of the following events.

Peabody Rooftop Party: Taking place on July 3, this extravaganza is the pre-celebration to set the mood for your fun-packed series of hoorahs. This party is taking place on the rooftop of the Peabody from 6pm-11pm, and there will be a live performances granted by the band “17th Floor.” It is geared towards adults who are 21+ years old, and the cost is a mere $15 for a night you will never forget. The rooftop gathering will feature American food to honor our country in every aspect.

Southaven July 4th Celebration: Finally, the actual night we have all been waiting for! The Snowden Grove Amphitheater is hosting a free production for all Americans and celebrators. At 6:30 p.m., the vicinity will provide music and a comedy show, as well as a firework show at 9 p.m. The local Memphis movers at All My Sons recommend celebrating Independence Day at this awesome event!

Cordova 4th of July Parade: Memphis offers yet another free event to revel in American liberty. After moving to Memphis visit The Cordova Community Center is creating a parade to fully express one’s patriotism. Come out and see the show! Gather some friends and family, and relax with a few beers, barbecue, and some sweet homemade apple pie.

Father’s Day is the one day a year that we get to honor the hardworking men in our lives. We get to pay tribute to the man who holds it all together for those who rely on him the most. As an experienced moving company in Memphis, you could say we have the inside scoop on where the best Father’s Day events in Memphis are. Check out some of our picks for Father’s Day venues that we personally recommend.

  • Memphis Zoo- Our zoo has been ranked as one of the country’s finest for many years. Spending Father’s Day at the Memphis Zoo is a great day that is spent with family and loved ones creating everlasting memories.
  • Auto Zone Park- This is arguably one of the finest minor-league baseball stadiums in the country. Spending the day honoring your father at one of the AutoZone Park’s baseball games is a great option out of all the Father’s Day events in Memphis.
  • Tom Lee Park or Harbor Town’s Greenbelt Park- Any outdoorsy type of dad will love to spend the day with his family grilling out, camping, or tubing down one of Memphis’ finest rivers with crystal clear water and fresh mountain air.

Memphis is home to many great places to spend Father’s Day this coming June, and these are just a few of our favorite things to do with our dads. All My Sons Moving & Storage has been in business for many years and we have acquired vast amounts of experience. If you are planning on moving anytime soon, give our full service moving company in Memphis a call today.

With summer slowly creeping in, there are many things besides pool parties and barbecues to look forward to here in Memphis. If you have taken the plunge and relocated to Memphis, you are probably looking for something to do in your new hometown this summer. As a moving company in Memphis, we have compiled this list of the Memphis summer events you need to go to.

  1. Memphis Redbirds Games- Baseball games are going on several times a week all summer long and they’re great for the whole family.


  1. Rooftop parties at the Peabody Hotel- Every Thursday night throughout the summer, hundreds of Memphis downtowners flock to the Peabody for a massive rooftop party for live music, food, and drinks.


  1. Levitt Shell Concert Series- As a moving company in Memphis, we suggest checking out Levitt Shell for a slew of free shows.


  1. Bluesday Tuesday Concerts- This is one of the Memphis summer events that takes place every Tuesday during August; head on over to listen to local and traveling blues artists for free.


  1. Orpheum Summer Movies Series- Watch cult, classic, and family friendly films on most weekends in the gilded theatre.


  1. Memphis Punk Rock Fest- Leave the rest of your packing to your moving company in Memphis and head over to see 40 punk, metal, and hardcore acts take the stage in midtown for a full weekend of shows.


  1. Brewville at DeNeuville- The movers here at All My Sons Moving & Storage suggest mingling with some fellow brew lovers while you taste and judge Memphis homebrewed beer.


  1. Juneteenth Urban Music Festival- Celebrate Juneteenth with lots of music, food trucks, arts and craft vendors, cars and bike shows, Kids’ Zone, and much more.


  1. Memphis Botanical Gardens- The Botanical Gardens will begin their annual summer events by hosting their outdoor Live at the Garden concert series.


  1. Margarita Fest- The Memphis Flyer is sponsoring the Memphis Margarita Fest where you can sample margaritas from local restaurants served along with food and other drinks.