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Moving day is approaching and you’re more than likely wondering what else you need to do to prepare. If you’ve taken the easier approach of contracting Memphis moving and packing service professionals to handle your move, then the bulk of the moving process has been taken care of. There’s no need to purchase packing supplies or rent a truck as your moving and packing experts will have that covered. You will, however, need to consider a few other things that won’t be on the movers’ to do list. Such as:

Set aside important documentation

Important documents such as medical records, employment forms, rent receipts, bank statements, credit cards, etc. are often lost, damaged or destroyed in the moving process. Before your Memphis moving and packing service team arrives to pack your belongings, gather your vital documents, and place them in your essentials box. You’ll want to protect these items and keep them in a place where they are easily accessible and you won’t need to hunt for them in a sea of boxes.

Extra packing supplies

Even after everything is packed, it never hurts to have extra packing supplies on hand in case something happens. Professional movers always come prepared for this circumstance, because from time to time, boxes break open and need to be secured again. So, on moving day, don’t be afraid to carry extra tape, boxes, bags, packing paper, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. People have a habit of underestimating the quantity of items they are moving and often need an extra box or two.

Food and drinks

Moving is hard work and all that works tends to make people hungry. On the day of the big move, your kitchen’s contents will be packed and loaded for transport. Since you have so many things to do and limited time to complete it all, it’s advised to plan ahead and prepare a quick meal to eat while moving/on the road. Considering making sandwiches, setting aside nuts, granola bars and other snacks, bottled water and sports drinks. Don’t forget to keep plastic plates, cups and some cutlery handy as well.


Moving and packing your flat screen television is a delicate process, given how fragile it is. You want to pack it as safely and secure as possible to survive the transportation process. While there are different methods for transporting a television, Memphis packing services offered by All My Sons includes flat screen TV packing boxes. This specialty packing product comes in various sizes and is designed to protect flat screens from damages commonly associated with moving. To get started with safely packing your flat screen, follow these steps:

Prep your flat screen television

Take a picture of the back of your television and then disconnect all cords from the television and place them along with remotes, screws, and any other loose items into a clear bag. These items can be placed inside another packing box or taped to the outside of it to keep everything together. Putting these items inside the box isn’t advisable, as the shifting parts can cause damage to the screen.

Cover the flat screen TV

The professionals on our Memphis packing service team suggest you cover your flat screen TVs with a plastic bubble wrap for extra safety. Then, secure the ends with tape. Before covering your TV however, clean it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dust particles from the screen. These particles can create permanent scratches when shifting around during transport.

Place your television in the box

Being sure to keep your TV upright, place your television in the box carefully. Always keep a flat-panel TV in the upright position during moving or storage to avoid pressure on the lightweight glass, which could cause permanent damage.

Secure and Label the Box

Once your flat screen is packed away, secure it with packing tape and label it. Reputable packing services will always mark a television box as fragile and include the contents of the box.

Moving to a new home is a task that often results in mistakes made by individuals who aren’t totally sure about what they’re doing. This is fine, however, as not everyone is trained in the correct procedures that the Memphis packing professionals of All My Sons are. Fortunately, there’s no need to be concerned. We’ve outlined common packing mistakes to avoid during your next move in this guide.

One of the most common mistakes when packing for a move is beginning the packing process without a clear-cut strategy. The moving process is already one that is tedious and burdensome. To compound that with disorganization isn’t ideal. The best way to begin packing for a Memphis move is to create an inventory of the contents you plan to move, purchase the necessary packing supplies, and then implement your packing plan. Going about moving without planning and preparing can result in all sorts of things going wrong.

Additionally, don’t ever neglect your packing responsibilities and save everything for the last minute. Memphis movers suggest you obtain your packing supplies and begin putting your home’s contents in boxes weeks before the moving date. Beginning with the items that are used the least, pack them into a box and label the outside with its contents. Unless you’re contracting Memphis moving and packing services to take care of the bulk of things, you’ll be pressed for time on moving date. Mitigate the chances of things going wrong by packing everything as soon as you can.

Most importantly, be sure to continuously go over everything you need to do and check off the tasks that you’ve accomplished. This can include small things like buying cardboard boxes and other packing supplies, to major tasks such as updating your address with the post office and your cable provider. Once you’ve gone over your moving and packing checklist and are satisfied that you’ve completed each area of importance, you’ll find your upcoming move to go much more smoothly.

It’s almost moving day. Your belongings have been prepped for the move by your Memphis packing service professionals. You’re close to the point where you can settle into your new home and begin a new life with your family. There’s only one issue that remains. What to do with the perishable items in the kitchen?

Begin with an assessment of what you have. Take note of what’s in your refrigerator. Things like milk, butter, fruit, meat and poultry will not be able to be transported during the moving process. If your refrigerator or freezer is full of hundreds of dollars’ worth of unopened food; it’s likely that you may not have the time to eat everything and don’t want to waste money throwing it away. Fortunately, there are options to take if you can’t eat everything and would like to salvage some of your goods.

Get rid of anything you don’t want/need. Food that is nearing expiration should probably be eaten or thrown out. Don’t bother transporting near empty tubs of butter and cheese. Condiment bottles, juices, etc. that are nearly empty aren’t worth the space they’ll take up. You’re better off replacing them after moving into your new home and packing your kitchen with fresh items.

Shipping your perishable goods to your new home is another viable option for individuals who are truly against throwing away anything. Since the Memphis packing services  offered at All My Sons won’t transport items that can spoil or rotten in the bed of the moving truck, you would have to take care of this yourself. In an airtight container, place your perishables inside and then insert that container into a larger insulated foam box. Keep it fresh with gel coolants or dry ice, then secure it in a larger box lined with bubble wrap. Seal the box with weatherproof packing tape and label it “perishable” and “keep refrigerated.” Label boxes that contain dry ice.

A staple in every American home, the BBQ grill is an irreplaceable part of the ultimate home appliance set. Nevertheless, BBQ grills are also some of the hardest appliances to transport, and you definitely don’t want to transport a dirty grill to your new home. In order to prepare your grill before moving to Memphis, All My Sons Moving & Storage’s professional movers and packers have tips for cleaning it.

Step 1. Soak Your Grates in Hot Water and Dish Soap

Turn on your BBQ grill until it heats up. After that, turn it off and disconnect the propane tank. Take out the grates and put them in a solution of regular dish soap and hot water.

Step 2. Scrub. Scrub. Scrub.

As your BBQ grill cools off, take a brush and start scrubbing under the hood. Don’t forget to loosely put a piece of foil to protect your heating elements.

Step 3. Clean the Walls

After you’ve scrubbed enough, take a damp paper towel and clean inside the walls.

Step 4. Scrub the Grates

After your grates have soaked for a bit, take them out and scrub the grease off. Then simply rinse them.

Step 5. Clean the Exterior

Finally, make sure that you replace the innards of your grill and to clean out the cabinet. To finish cleaning your BBQ and make sure that it is clean for moving, simply clean up the exterior and you’ll be good to go.

Now that your BBQ grill is cleaned up nicely, you can go ahead and prepare it for your move to Memphis.

Spring is here again and it’s time to clean up your home. Especially if you have recently moved to Memphis, your home may be in need of a good cleaning once all the moving boxes are empty. All My Sons of Memphis has gathered some of the best tips to help you clean your home easier. Whether you’ve just moved in your home or want to revamp your old place, here are a few great tips to make spring cleaning easier.

1. Use Two Rags for Window Cleaning

If you have recently moved to Memphis and don’t have time to buy a windshield squeegee, you can use two rags to clean up your windows. Simply dip one of your rags in soapy water, clean your windows, and then use the other rag to dry them up.

2. The Vinegar Life Hack

While this hack has been all over social media for the past few years, it’s so good that we have to mention it as well. To clean up your faucet of the lime buildup, soak a rag or some paper towels in vinegar and wrap them around the faucet. In a day’s time, it will be good and shiny as new.

3. Soda Water Can Clean your Refrigerator

Use a combination of salt and soda water to clean your refrigerator. The abrasive texture of the salt, combined with the bubbles of the soda will help you clean your refrigerator easily, and is especially good if you have just moved to Memphis and transported your old refrigerator to your new home.

4. A Piece of Carpeting for your Screens

To clean your screens from all the dust, use a clean scrap of carpeting. It won’t damage the screen and it will help you take the dust off.

Packing is a tedious and time consuming process. Everyone who has moved houses knows that packing is the most dreadful part of moving. While hiring professional packing services in Memphis can help you deal with all the stress and frustration much more easily, if you are going to pack on your own, you must be prepared. With that in mind, here are a few tips on how to properly pack everything, and on moving boxes that will help you with your move to Maryland.

 Picture Boxes

A rather unfamiliar box type, picture boxes, also known as mirror cartons, are boxes that can expand and contract in size. They serve the purpose of protecting pictures, mirrors, or any other framed painting you might have.

Small Boxes

The smallest of moving boxes are usually used for books and small electronics. Also known as book boxes, they are widely used for baby items and toys, and other small items. You can also use them for fragile or glass items, such as dishware and more.

Medium Boxes

The most common, general-sized moving box, medium boxes are used for computer towers, small appliances, and larger size kitchenware. You can also use those boxes for clothing and shoes.

Large Boxes

Larger sized boxes are used for lamps, sleeping bags, medium appliances, linens and other large household items.

Dish Pack Boxes

This type of moving box is specially designed to protect your china and glass items. They are used for wine glasses, ornaments, dishes and fine china and more. Double-walled they might be used to keep your other fragile items intact as well.

Moving to a new house can be a wonderful experience filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. The range the experience comes with is not comparable to anything else. From the nostalgia you feel leaving your old home behind, the excitement of moving to a new place is truly an amazing life event. As exciting as moving to Memphis may be, there is also the frustration and stress that comes with packing. That’s why the moving experts at All My Sons share a few packing hacks, tips, and tricks with you.

1. Take Photos of the Wiring of Your Electronics Before Unplugging

This will save you a lot of time and frustration when plugging things back in at your new place. You can further wrap colored duct tape around certain wires and mark them so you know which plug goes where.

2. Keep Furniture Screws and Bolts Organized

Another great tip from experts that provide packing services in Memphis, is to keep your screws and bolts organized. When dealing with furniture, if you have to dismantle it, make sure that you keep all of your screws and bolts neatly organized. You certainly want to be able to put everything back up after the move.

3. Cut small lifting holes in Your Boxes

Depending on what you fill your boxes with, if you are able, make sure to cut small lifting holes in your boxes. This is a great packing hack, as it will help you carry around everything more easily when moving to Memphis.

Spring is just around the corner, and when spring is in full bloom you’ll want your garden blooming too! After the winter cold leaves and the spring warmth creeps in it is time to start getting your garden ready for spring. As most gardeners know, just because it’s warm outside doesn’t mean the soil is warm. However, getting a head start on your garden can help you get that lawn all the neighbors rave about! That is why the Bartlett movers at All My Sons have put together a quick, three step guide to help you get your garden ready for spring!

Step 1:

There is just no way of getting out of doing a little spring cleaning. During winter, there is a lot of debris that can prevent your spring garden from starting to bloom. The first step is to clean out any debris, branches, and fallen elements that are on your lawn, in your garden, or even surrounding any of your trees, and bushes. The debris can actually suffocate any plants that may already be growing, so be sure to get a head start on clearing out the grounds of your home.

Step 2:

Get your tools in tip top shape. Bartlett movers know how important it is to have the right tools for the job, so pull out your gardening tools and give them a little more life. Cleaning your tools can help make your gardening experience easier and help you get your garden ready for spring.

Step 3:

When getting your garden ready, set up a plan to ensure your garden looks beautiful for as long as possible. Find flowers and vegetables that you like, but that also thrive in Bartlett. Also, the Bartlett movers say that mixing perennials with annuals can help add color to your garden throughout the year.

The Bartlett nightlife in Tennessee is something special. The Bartlett, TN local movers from All My Sons Moving & Storage are very involved in the community and have put together a list of the four best nightlife places to visit during your time in Tennessee.

1. Starting with Club 152 on Beale, the Bartlett night life is full of music, booze, and good fun! Club 152 is home to live entertainment daily and features some of the country’s finest bands. Some of the biggest DJ names often make an appearance here. Club 152 offers guests three different dance floors. Visitors starting at the first floor will immediately be greeted with the sound of live music. As guests ascend to the second floor they will experience a more mainstream hip-hop vibe. For those guests seeking a more unique club vibe, head over to the third floor for an unforgettable experience.

2. Alfred’s On Beale is the place to be for unbeatable comfort southern food and live music. This Bartlett nightlife favorite is a great option for those guests interested in hearing the latest and best bands stopping through Tennessee.

3. Another eccentric nightlife joint the Bartlett, TN local movers suggest visiting is Dru’s Place. No, you will not be walking into a random person’s home. Instead you will be transported into a world of music! This neighborhood bar features the latest entertainment. This bar has an interior and exterior area for patrons to enjoy music throughout the venue. Visitors can enjoy from live music or karaoke or play games such as darts and pool.

4. Don’t let the name fool you, Minglewood Hall is home to several of Bartlett’s nightlife venues. As home to the Revive Energy bar, 1884 Lounge, and Oasis Hookah Lounge, Bartlett, TN local movers say guests can hop from bar to bar or pick from their favorite choice. For those guests looking to go on a mini bar crawl, the Minglewood Hall is your go-to place!