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Considering moving to Memphis? The Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage are here to tell you everything you need to know before making a move to Memphis.

Hope you brought your dancing shoes, Memphis is home to Rock N Roll. While in Memphis you’ll get a full taste of the soul this historic music-town brings. For your entertainment that is different daily, Beale street is home to live blues and rock music at the local bars and restaurants that fill the streets.

Love Broadway? You won’t have to leave your city to catch a good show. Memphis is home to the Orpheum Theatre. This historical Opera House has been around since 1890 and features some of the best shows in theatre every year.

Have we mentioned the Barbeque? The Memphis movers and just about every person in Memphis can tell you how great the barbeque is. So, if you’re not looking for some of the best smoked-meats in the country, you’ve come to the wrong place. Just visit and you’ll find restaurants in Memphis listed on the list of the Top Ten Great BBQ Joints Across America.

Sports bring everyone together. No matter what sport you love, there’s something for the entire family. Home to the Memphis Grizzlies, Memphis Redbirds, and for all the racing fans, home to the Memphis International Raceway.

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Family vacation is coming up, but your worried about the security of a few things that you’ll leave behind while you’re trying to relax with your family. Exactly how do you choose the right Memphis Storage Unit for your favorite possessions while you’re gone?

For starters, before placing anything in storage we urge you to take the proper packing services of professionals into account. Pack properly.

Run through this before making a Memphis storage unit decision.

  • Ask around about discounts and do some research.
    • Just because the first place you went to offers a very low price, doesn’t mean it’s the best place for your stuff.
  • Pest Problems?
    • Ask about pest control, and what the chances are that you will come back to your valuables being looted by rats and cockroaches.
  • See if there are any leak issues.
    • Look around and see how well maintained the storage facility is. Chances are if the outside looks like crap, the inside of all the storage units will look like crap as well.
  • Flooding is not common, but it can happen.
    • Check out the surrounding area and location of the facility. If flooding were to occur, how safe is the location where your thinking about leaving your stuff? Hopefully it can all float if you skipped this step.

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Sick of that old house but love the town you grew up in? You’re right, it is time for a change and your local movers in Memphis are ready to help you make that change.

Why should you choose local movers instead of doing it yourself?

For starters, when it comes to packing, leave it to the professionals.We have all the packing supplies necessary to make a move that much easier for you. With the assistance of packing comes the security of the high-quality products we use to ensure a reliable move with no errors or damage to your belongings.

You do enough at work, let us do the heavy lifting, after all, this is our job. Save your back and prevent exhaustion from occurring. Let the local movers in Memphis load all your packed belongings onto the truck as you relax during the entire process. Stress is alleviated during the transportation because of the high-quality packing products the professionals use. It’s nice to receive such high-quality service from a moving company that cares.

Which is exactly what you will receive when you hire the local movers in Memphis at All My Sons Moving & Storage. A staff that was trained and certified around a family-oriented environment which has helped to shape the reputation of the company.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call your Memphis movers, or if you are looking for packing supplies and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 901-248-0548.


Moving for a job position can be one of the most exciting times of your life. It can also be one of the most stressful and difficult times if you don’t know what to expect. Here are a few tips to make sure you are prepared for the big move.

Make sure that you discuss all that is being covered during your relocation. Moving can be very costly, so you want to be sure that you find out what is being paid for upfront and what you can be reimbursed for. Once this is discussed and put into a contract, it is smart to create a budget for any out of pocket expenses you may come across. Making sure you have all details covered will save you money in the long run.

Bringing your car in for a full service check-up appointment is also something that could save you money in the long run. Make sure you have a full tank of gas to start off your trip and an oil change wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Depending on where you are coming from, Memphis may not be very close. You will also want to stay on top of looking for gas stations on your route if you are driving your car. Running out of gas can be a major setback that you can avoid if you are prepared.

Making sure you have a place to live and sign the lease ahead of time before moving in. If you don’t have a place locked down before you move it is important to make sure you have multiple options. Moving is a life-changing adventure and you want to make sure you have a home to get settled into during this process.

Another tip to prepare for a corporate move is to consider hiring a full service moving company. All My Sons Memphis offers many different services that you can pick and choose from to make sure your moving experience is hassle-free. You should discuss with your company what they will include in your relocation terms and decides which services would be best for you. Check out our moving and packing guide to make sure you are all set for your new adventure.

A lot of All My Sons Moving & Storage packers and movers are thanked for their hard work by the people they move. Although our movers in Memphis require no tipping, and no tipping is expected, some of our happy customers like to show their appreciation. Here are a few of the ways that our satisfied customers like to thank us for our moving and packing services.


As we mentioned before, tipping is not expected nor required. Customers who tip our movers in Memphis tend to do so with a tipping method that has become standard for tipping moving companies.

Tip between $20 and $40 for movers and between $10 and $20 for packers.

Hand the tip to each individual Memphis mover or packers.

Tip at the end of the service based on your overall satisfaction.

For long distance moving, some customer prefer to give 3% – %5 to each mover and 5% for packing services. Choose the amount you’re most comfortable with because we’re sure the movers will be appreciative of any amount they receive.


Instead of tipping, some movers in Memphis are offered lunch and cold drinks as a means to be thanked. Customers will usually ask what they prefer and order a lunch that’s easy to share for everyone. Though the typical moving lunch has always been pizza, but you can get creative.

We only ask that you stick to cold, refreshing drinks and stay away from alcohol. Instead offer some lemonade, Gatorade, or even ice-cold water which is most welcome after a day providing top notch packing services.

Just Say Thank You

There’s no better way to thank movers in Memphis, or anywhere else for that matter, but simply saying “thank you”. We love to hear that our work was appreciated and that our clients are happy. Leave us a review and let the whole moving community know that we help you!


Not all packing companies in Memphis were created equal! Like any other service, packing services are only as good as the experience of the packers. All My Sons Moving & Storage hire only the best and most experienced packers in Memphis and the results speak for themselves. In that regard, we want to discuss some of the dangers that people face when they don’t choose the best packing companies in Memphis.

No Insurance

It should go without saying but sometimes it helps to be reminded. Never hire any packing companies in Memphis that are uninsured! The phrase hope for the best and plan for the worst is always something to keep in mind when you’re doing any sort of local or long distance moving. Always check to see if the packing companies in Memphis you want to use have insurance.

Here are the credentials for All My Sons Moving & Storage in Memphis:

S. DOT No.: 2117516

MC: 738005

Lack of Experience

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, experience is key! The benefit of using packing services is the peace of mind that only a professional service can offer. Look for packing companies in Memphis that have at least 5 years’ experience and ongoing operations.

An experience packing company will know what questions to ask and what details to cover thoroughly.

No Follow Up or Recourse

Local packing services don’t have the branches and the corporate headquarters to handle any follow up you may have after the move. If you’re moving to or from Memphis, ensure that the packing company you use has a location close to your new home. That will allow you the opportunity to discuss any further questions and give feedback on the packing service.

Packing services with multiple locations will usually have more reviews and better support because they are conveniently located across the country.



Ask any Memphis movers and they can tell you they have seen people using the strangest packing products when they move. People can really get creative while trying to save money but sometimes, it makes more financial sense to get new packing products and pay a little extra for new moving boxes. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to make sure that your belongings are protected while you move.

What to Look For

Not all your packing products have to be brand new. In fact, you can get away with using some second hand packing products and even renting a few of them from your local Memphis moving company.

  • Moving Dollies and Hand trucks

Check to see if your local movers offer dollies and hand trucks as part of the moving service. If you can rent these items in advance, you’ll be able to speed your move along without need much help from the movers and or friends and family.

  • Moving Boxes

All My Sons Moving & Storage always recommends buying new moving boxes, especially if you’re moving long distance. Though most people think that buying second hand moving boxes is a great way to save money, they all soon learn that all the money they saved simply goes to fixing damages to their items. New moving boxes will prevent most of the small damage you’ll find on items when you move. It’s always best to get boxes and box packing products brand new.

  • Bubble Wrap and Moving Blankets

For the most part, bubble wrap and moving blankets are packing products that you can find alternative for that will work well. Sandwich bags and old clothes make great alternatives.


Where to Find Packing Products

As we mentioned before, check to see if your local Memphis movers have packing products for sale. All My Sons Moving & Storage in Memphis has a full catalogue of all the moving supplies you’ll ever need. Feel free to purchase moving boxes directly from us!




You’ve found your new home and now it’s time to get packing. The process of packing for long distance moving can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a full service moving and packing company with decades of moving experience and we know all the little tips and tricks to help you make your long distance move to Memphis a little more pleasant. This packing product alternatives will save you time, and money, and get you there in a better mood!

  • Packing Blankets – Clothing

You’re already trying to figure out how to get your clothes in those boxes and where to store them on the truck. Then there’s all the valuables and delicate you have that you don’t want to be ruined throughout the long distance moving process.

Let’s cut out the middle man.

Clothing is one of the great packing product alternatives because you have to pack it anyway so why not use it to cushion your valuables! Line the inside of your boxes with clothes to keep them save during the move.

  • Moving Pads – Blankets

How about using blankets as packing product alternatives? This is another seemingly unused but effective means to save space in the moving truck and save money on packing products. Use your blankets and linens to line the inside of boxes and to keep wooden and clothe furniture from being damaged during the move.

  • Bubble Wrap – Sandwich Bags

Never had long distance moving been so thrifty! Reusable sandwich bags are perfect packing product alternatives for bubble wrap. Simply blow up the bags and seal them. You can apply packing tape or regular cello tape to ensure that the bags hold the air through the moving process. Freezer bags work best because they can take a lot of strain and remain intact.


Each day, over 20,000 people suffer from mental health related issues associated with moving. Ok, that statistic is entirely made up. What is true however, is that the likelihood of a move being stressful is going to come because of being disorganized and unprepared. Creating a moving checklist helps to mitigate the number of potential problems which may arise during a chaotic time. Here are some steps to do just that, from your local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Moving Checklist Step #1: Schedule an Appointment with Professional Moving Services

The sooner that you can arrange for professional movers to assist you the better. Decide what items will be going to the new location and what you’ll be getting rid of. Items that you don’t want to keep can be sold in a garage sale or donated.


Moving Checklist Step #2: Take Care of Important Paperwork

Take the time to have any utilities and disconnected and transferred over to the new address. Forward your mail and register your children’s new residence with their school.


Moving Checklist Step #3: Purchase Packing Supplies and Pack Room by Room

After you’ve sorted out which of your belongings need to be moved, begin prepping them for transport. You’ll need to acquire the necessary packing supplies beforehand; moving boxes, packaging tape, shipping labels, scissors, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and any other packing supplies that might be needed for your move.


Moving Checklist Step #4: Empty Your Kitchen’s Contents

Perishable items shouldn’t be taken to your new home. Before moving, cook, or eat everything inside of your refrigerator. This is probably a great time to begin testing out some new recipes as well. Your refrigerator’s contents can spoil during the transportation process, especially when moving over long distances. While there are methods of transporting perishable goods if you absolutely need to, it’s best to consume everything beforehand.

Contact your trusted Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage today.

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Mistakes happen during a move. It’s common to see a broken lamp or shattered glass on the ground. Unfortunately, torn and permanently stained mattresses aren’t an unseen sight either. The average person isn’t aware of how to properly pack a mattress. Most people just line them up along the side of the moving van, oblivious to the fact that mattresses are often damaged in this manner. The following steps will demonstrate just how to pack a mattress using the correct packing supplies to ensure that it’s protected throughout the moving process.


  1. Remove your sheets, comforters, and bed skirt from the mattress first. Wash and dry them thoroughly and then pack them separately into their own moving box. This way, your bedding is fresh and clean when you arrive at your new house.


  1. Pack your mattress in a mattress bag. These are plastic bags designed to protect your bed against tears, dirt, and other potential damaging agents during the moving process. Securely wrap the mattress bag in tape to make sure the bag stays in place. Mattress bags aren’t the most common items, but your local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage will have any packing supplies you need.


  1. Take care when loading your mattress on the truck. Avoid bending or folding the mattress, especially those with coil springs. Be sure to get assistance from a friend or family member when lifting and moving. Mattresses are large and can be difficult to maneuver. Attempting to move a mattress alone can result in injury to yourself and/or damages to your mattress and other furniture.


  1. When loading other items on the truck, make sure to keep furniture with sharp and jagged edges away from the mattress. During transportation, the contents of the truck bed can move around or fall. Protect your mattress from potential damage by keeping it closer to the back and next against a van wall.



Things to Remember on Moving Day