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In Memphis, foreclosure rates seem to be increasing in the local metro area, but it’s still lower than the national average foreclosure rates. Local real estate and economy experts feel that the foreclosure rate is closely linked to the lack of job creation. Basically, until the job market sees jobs created, the foreclosures will not […]

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This Fall season, the Memphis Habitat for Humanity will build 16 new homes throughout Trinity Park and Las Cruces. Trinity Park, which is a new development slated to open in Memphis, will be the first ever planned neighborhood. The three additional homes are slated for Las Cruces, in Raleigh. Here at the Memphis movers, we love charitable […]

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Federal Express (FedEx), the famed Memphis-based shipping transportation company, has announced that in anticipation of over 260 million shipments this holiday season (beginning December 12th) and need extra hands to get the packages shipped an delivered properly. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, FedEx anticipates a 12% increase over last year’s 232 million shipments. The growth […]

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Investors from foreign countries seemed to have a piqued interest in Memphis properties as a means of expand financial portfolios. Residences around town have been purchased by foreign buyers through Memphis Investment Properties at an increased rate–closing 70 homes in the 3rd quarter of 2011, compared to 32 last year during the same time frame. […]

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When thinking of recreational vehicles, most people immediately think of confined floor plans and claustrophobia-induced home sickness, but your Memphis local movers think you may just change your mind after reading about this luxury model by Austria’s Marchi Mobile. The Elemment Palazzo breaks the mold of your standard RV, and with a three-million-dollar price tag, […]

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