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According to a new RealtyTrac report, foreclosures are declining in the Memphis area. As far as foreclosures go locally, they seem to have dropped in occurrence by 34 percent from 2010-2011. By December 2011, foreclosures were at their lowest level in 49 months. As a whole, Tennessee has 13,562 foreclosed homes on the market. Tennessee is ranked below […]

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In a recent report by CNBC, Memphis ranked as the second-least expensive city in the United States out of urban areas. Data was gathered from 309 urban places throughout the US on topics such as housing, groceries, utilities, transportation and other factors. Which city beat Memphis? Harlingen, Texas. Last year, Memphis was recognized by Bloomberg Businessweek […]

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For 2011, housing market reports showed that the Memphis, Tennessee area has had an increase in mortgage applications. The steady pace of building and buying in Memphis makes it the exception to the rule, where many metro areas are burdened with overbuilding and vacancies. Thanks to a healthy local economy filled with transportation and distribution, […]

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Today, sixth graders from The Wilson School in Clayton are enjoying the day off of school in observance of Martin Luther King Day. Your Memphis moving professionals are sure that the kids are enjoying the extended weekend, but these particular sixth graders will surely be paying their respects to the late MLK following a field […]

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A Memphis non-profit is offering free membership for local citizens who want to help enforce the importance of kindness. The Kindness Revolution teams up with local school programs and sporting events to promote goodwill and citizenship. Anti-bullying is one of its platforms. The Memphis movers want to encourage everyone to get involved in this great […]

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Memphis housing development Warren Apartments has had a bit of an unfortunate situation in the past few days—a sewage spill. The South Memphis complex has residents saying the problem has existed for years, but lately the public housing (read: rent-free) complex has a distinct problem. Other than the smell and the overall turn-off of sewage […]

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The Sterick Building has been a stately and significant building in downtown Memphis for decades. However, that changed about 20 years ago. The building reigned as the tallest and most popular back in the 1930s-1950s, and its future is uncertain. The Downtown Memphis Commission has made the building a focus—trying to revamp the decrepit and […]

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The Home Builders Association of Memphis has seen significant developments throughout 2011 that lend hope to the notion that the local real estate market is on the path to a sort of revival. Developments, new construction, house presales, and remodeling were all occurrences in Memphis residential areas that, months ago, seemed unlikely to occur again. […]

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