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With robo-signing in the past, the present is filled with our real estate industry shakily trying to get back to normalcy. Not surprisingly, foreclosures have begun to spike as homeowners are in over their heads. Compared to last year, foreclosure filings are indeed up, by about 35 percent in fact. More than likely, the spike […]

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With so much in the news about foreclosures and lost property, its important to take a look at what gets a homeowner to that point. While falling delinquent on mortgage payments can certainly be cause for foreclosure, there’s also the property taxes that must be paid on time–if they aren’t the house can be seized […]

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Mortgage delinquency, foreclosures, and late payments. These are the common factors in the current state of Memphis real estate. While the Memphis movers remain hopeful that there is light at the end of the tunnel, we’re ready to start seeing sunny days for our realtors, contractors, and homeowners. The city foreclosure rates are still lower […]

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Graceland, the notoriously famous home of famous singer Elvis, is still a strong draw for devoted Elvis fans worldwide. The love of music and of Elvis have helped turn Memphis not only to a place where people can celebrate him–but also has created a music scene in Memphis that has been influential in saving the […]

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Following low test scores and unimpressive class performances, 150 teachers have their jobs on the line, according to The Commercial Appeal. However, these decisions were not rash or sudden, apparently principals have been tracking progress for potential teachers to let go for the past three years. Nearly 20 percent of the teachers in the Memphis […]

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The “Rally to Protect the American Dream” in Washington, D.C. has garnered national attention, but thanks to today’s digital age those who couldn’t physically make it to D.C. for the event yesterday were able to at least participate virtually thanks to the help of social media. By utilizing the Twitter hashtag #realtorrally, Twitter users could […]

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While the rest of the country is reporting a drop in foreclosure filings, the opposite is the case in Memphis. The Memphis movers are disappointed to share that Memphis is among 11 metropolitan areas will foreclosure scenarios worsening. In fact, the Memphis numbers aren’t just a little worse—there are 50 percent more foreclosure filings in […]

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Real estate and manufacturing agencies in Memphis are starting to see improvements in terms of the recession. Hotels and resorts typically bounce back, and that has certainly been the case in Memphis. But what about the residential and commercial industries? Well, commercial changes are certainly coming to the area. Significant investments will take place as […]

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