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In the upper-crust Morningside Park neighborhood, there is a 5,800 square foot home that was owned by Steve Jobs, deceased former CEO of Apple, Inc. Purchased while Jobs was undergoing and recovering from a liver transplant, Jobs was receiving care in Memphis and the home became available when the chancellor of UT’s Health Science Department […]

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The Federal Reserve recently announced analytical looks at their 12 regional districts throughout the US and how they are faring economically.While the economic developments seem less than exciting, at least they are small steps in the right direction. The Memphis movers feel it is worth noting that the compiled report included specific commentary on the […]

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In Memphis, there is hope for potential homeowners looking to buy and also for those looking to avoid foreclosure thanks to a new program from the Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America. Memphis, like many other cities in the US, is still in need of foreclosure assistance and foreclosure education and prevention programs.The Memphis movers are […]

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Throughout the country, rent prices fluctuate and depending on where you are, a couple years of paying a mortgage will quickly outweigh what you gain (nothing) from paying for a place to rent. Nationally, the average renter can justify buying a home within three years of purchase. The Memphis movers have learned the value comes […]

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