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Choosing the Right Storage Unit When You go on a Vacation

Family vacation is coming up, but your worried about the security of a few things that you’ll leave behind while you’re trying to relax with your family. Exactly how do you choose the right Memphis Storage Unit for your favorite possessions while you’re gone?

For starters, before placing anything in storage we urge you to take the proper packing services of professionals into account. Pack properly.

Run through this before making a Memphis storage unit decision.

  • Ask around about discounts and do some research.
    • Just because the first place you went to offers a very low price, doesn’t mean it’s the best place for your stuff.
  • Pest Problems?
    • Ask about pest control, and what the chances are that you will come back to your valuables being looted by rats and cockroaches.
  • See if there are any leak issues.
    • Look around and see how well maintained the storage facility is. Chances are if the outside looks like crap, the inside of all the storage units will look like crap as well.
  • Flooding is not common, but it can happen.
    • Check out the surrounding area and location of the facility. If flooding were to occur, how safe is the location where your thinking about leaving your stuff? Hopefully it can all float if you skipped this step.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to call your Memphis movers, or if you are looking for packing supplies and moving tips visit our blog or call us at 901-248-0548.


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