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Where to Find Moving Boxes and Other Packing Products in Memphis

Ask any Memphis movers and they can tell you they have seen people using the strangest packing products when they move. People can really get creative while trying to save money but sometimes, it makes more financial sense to get new packing products and pay a little extra for new moving boxes. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to make sure that your belongings are protected while you move.

What to Look For

Not all your packing products have to be brand new. In fact, you can get away with using some second hand packing products and even renting a few of them from your local Memphis moving company.

  • Moving Dollies and Hand trucks

Check to see if your local movers offer dollies and hand trucks as part of the moving service. If you can rent these items in advance, you’ll be able to speed your move along without need much help from the movers and or friends and family.

  • Moving Boxes

All My Sons Moving & Storage always recommends buying new moving boxes, especially if you’re moving long distance. Though most people think that buying second hand moving boxes is a great way to save money, they all soon learn that all the money they saved simply goes to fixing damages to their items. New moving boxes will prevent most of the small damage you’ll find on items when you move. It’s always best to get boxes and box packing products brand new.

  • Bubble Wrap and Moving Blankets

For the most part, bubble wrap and moving blankets are packing products that you can find alternative for that will work well. Sandwich bags and old clothes make great alternatives.


Where to Find Packing Products

As we mentioned before, check to see if your local Memphis movers have packing products for sale. All My Sons Moving & Storage in Memphis has a full catalogue of all the moving supplies you’ll ever need. Feel free to purchase moving boxes directly from us!




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