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Fresh Local Memphis Veggies

Fresh beans and peas are summertime staples to Southern cities like Memphis. Fresh peas and beans are a great alternative to the dried beans at the supermarket, and they save cook time. Lady peas are a famed Memphis veggie, and they are certainly in season. The Memphis movers wanted to share some tips with you on your produce shopping this season:

If you see them at a farmer’s market, buy them! They sell fast.

Steam and simmer peas and beans to make the perfect summer chili.

Cook in pork stock and add bacon for a yummy Southern treat.

Swap pinto beans or kidney beans for lady peas in your summer recipes.

Puree lady peas to make a hummus substitute.

Either way, help contribute to the Memphis economy and help Memphis flourish as a great place to live, work, buy, sell and EAT!

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