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Home Makeover Tips to Complete Before Moving In

Far too often, people move to a new home, in a new city, with whole-hearted intentions to do a home makeover once they are fully moved in. In most cases, new homeowners wind up regretting not doing anything before the move-in process begins. All My Sons Moving & Storage of Memphis are seasoned residential movers with over two decades of experience. Take our advice and use these tips before you ruin your favorite furniture after moving to Memphis.


Home Makeover Tips to do to your New Home Before Moving In:


You love your new home, but don’t like the current paint color in some of the rooms. Before your Memphis movers arrive with all your delicate furniture, spruce the place up and paint the rooms you would like to refresh. You will be saving yourself so much hassle down the road, avoid having move furniture around, and the best part, it will already be done once you are completely moved in, so you can relax.


Change Your Locks

Sure, the real estate agent or previous owners may have given you the key to the castle, but do you ever really know if you’re the only one with those keys? Duplicates are so easy to make. Save yourself some worry and anxiety, and change your locks before your flat screen is missing from the wall.


Electrical Upgrades

The date for your move to Memphis is set; what can you do before the Memphis movers arrive? You’ve changed your locks, you’ve painted the bedrooms, what else can be done? Depending on the house and how you desire the house to function, it is a great idea to check that all electrical systems are functioning properly. On top of that, if you want to install new surround sound systems or need to run wiring, the process is much easier without your entire living room furniture in the way.


No matter what you decide, the extra effort now pays off down the road when you were originally planning it for. So, why not get those pesky projects out of the way now, before your furniture is in the way?



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