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How to Pack a Mattress for Moving

Mistakes happen during a move. It’s common to see a broken lamp or shattered glass on the ground. Unfortunately, torn and permanently stained mattresses aren’t an unseen sight either. The average person isn’t aware of how to properly pack a mattress. Most people just line them up along the side of the moving van, oblivious to the fact that mattresses are often damaged in this manner. The following steps will demonstrate just how to pack a mattress using the correct packing supplies to ensure that it’s protected throughout the moving process.


  1. Remove your sheets, comforters, and bed skirt from the mattress first. Wash and dry them thoroughly and then pack them separately into their own moving box. This way, your bedding is fresh and clean when you arrive at your new house.


  1. Pack your mattress in a mattress bag. These are plastic bags designed to protect your bed against tears, dirt, and other potential damaging agents during the moving process. Securely wrap the mattress bag in tape to make sure the bag stays in place. Mattress bags aren’t the most common items, but your local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage will have any packing supplies you need.


  1. Take care when loading your mattress on the truck. Avoid bending or folding the mattress, especially those with coil springs. Be sure to get assistance from a friend or family member when lifting and moving. Mattresses are large and can be difficult to maneuver. Attempting to move a mattress alone can result in injury to yourself and/or damages to your mattress and other furniture.


  1. When loading other items on the truck, make sure to keep furniture with sharp and jagged edges away from the mattress. During transportation, the contents of the truck bed can move around or fall. Protect your mattress from potential damage by keeping it closer to the back and next against a van wall.



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