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Memphis Movers Celebrate Elvis

Your soon-to-be neighborhood local movers are excited to begin moving in Memphis very soon! Setting up shop, we recently had the chance to celebrate the birthday of none other than Elvis Presley right here in Memphis! The King’s 76th birthday was something that we looked forward to; as we have just moved to Memphis the novelty effect of the place still has quite a hold on us. I have a feeling that there will be much Elvis music pumping through the stereos in our moving trucks as we begin to do our first jobs.

Elvis was an inspiration to many and still serves as a source of inspiration even today. His impersonators are just one indicator of how massive a footprint Elvis left on the world. You can even still hear his influence on the music of many an artist today, I imagine especially in Memphis! What a Memphis-appropriate thrill it would be for an Elvis-inspired singer-songwriter to write a catchy moving and storage jingle for your new movers on the block! Such a tune would surely help put Memphis movers on the map.

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