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Moving Hacks to Help You Pack

Winter break is coming, and it’s time to pack and see the family over the holidays. Aside from optional moving services and packing supplies provided by your top-notch movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage, there are packing hacks typically used for moving that you can also use to make packing for your holiday vacations easier.


Packing Cubes

Have you ever heard of packing cubes? If you check out Amazon, you can find them in multiple sizes and colors for a very low price. Theses little cubes are perfect for anyone who has trouble staying organized with packing, and they are conveniently sized to fit right in your suitcase. They are also perfect for staying organized when you’re on the go, so you can stay at multiple family members’ homes and stay organized during the new sleeping arrangements.


Pill bottles and Q-Tips

Let’s face it, everyone likes clean ears and the convenience of not having to deal with ear wax is a huge plus. The stick of Q-tips’ are pretty flimsy and have the possibility of being bent or breaking and then are completely useless. Use any old pill bottle to protect those ear cleaners and keep that wax from piling up.


Plastic Wrap Under Bottle Caps

At some point in your life, you may deal with that dreaded moment we all hope to never encounter – you open your suitcase after traveling for a while, and are greeted with a wonderful surprise of shampoo, lotion, or toothpaste (you get the idea) that has made itself right at home and covered everything it was packed with. We wish you the best and hope you never have to deal with this situation, which is why we want to help you avoid it at all costs. So, before you pack, take off the caps, place some plastic wrap on the opening of the bottle, and screw the caps on tight. The plastic will close any holes and add extra security and tightness to the screw-on cap.


Put your moving tips and hacks to good use this holiday season and pack for your trips with these helpful tips from All My Sons!

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