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Ask any Memphis movers and they can tell you they have seen people using the strangest packing products when they move. People can really get creative while trying to save money but sometimes, it makes more financial sense to get new packing products and pay a little extra for new moving boxes. All My Sons Moving & Storage wants to make sure that your belongings are protected while you move.

What to Look For

Not all your packing products have to be brand new. In fact, you can get away with using some second hand packing products and even renting a few of them from your local Memphis moving company.

  • Moving Dollies and Hand trucks

Check to see if your local movers offer dollies and hand trucks as part of the moving service. If you can rent these items in advance, you’ll be able to speed your move along without need much help from the movers and or friends and family.

  • Moving Boxes

All My Sons Moving & Storage always recommends buying new moving boxes, especially if you’re moving long distance. Though most people think that buying second hand moving boxes is a great way to save money, they all soon learn that all the money they saved simply goes to fixing damages to their items. New moving boxes will prevent most of the small damage you’ll find on items when you move. It’s always best to get boxes and box packing products brand new.

  • Bubble Wrap and Moving Blankets

For the most part, bubble wrap and moving blankets are packing products that you can find alternative for that will work well. Sandwich bags and old clothes make great alternatives.


Where to Find Packing Products

As we mentioned before, check to see if your local Memphis movers have packing products for sale. All My Sons Moving & Storage in Memphis has a full catalogue of all the moving supplies you’ll ever need. Feel free to purchase moving boxes directly from us!




You’ve found your new home and now it’s time to get packing. The process of packing for long distance moving can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a full service moving and packing company with decades of moving experience and we know all the little tips and tricks to help you make your long distance move to Memphis a little more pleasant. This packing product alternatives will save you time, and money, and get you there in a better mood!

  • Packing Blankets – Clothing

You’re already trying to figure out how to get your clothes in those boxes and where to store them on the truck. Then there’s all the valuables and delicate you have that you don’t want to be ruined throughout the long distance moving process.

Let’s cut out the middle man.

Clothing is one of the great packing product alternatives because you have to pack it anyway so why not use it to cushion your valuables! Line the inside of your boxes with clothes to keep them save during the move.

  • Moving Pads – Blankets

How about using blankets as packing product alternatives? This is another seemingly unused but effective means to save space in the moving truck and save money on packing products. Use your blankets and linens to line the inside of boxes and to keep wooden and clothe furniture from being damaged during the move.

  • Bubble Wrap – Sandwich Bags

Never had long distance moving been so thrifty! Reusable sandwich bags are perfect packing product alternatives for bubble wrap. Simply blow up the bags and seal them. You can apply packing tape or regular cello tape to ensure that the bags hold the air through the moving process. Freezer bags work best because they can take a lot of strain and remain intact.


Each day, over 20,000 people suffer from mental health related issues associated with moving. Ok, that statistic is entirely made up. What is true however, is that the likelihood of a move being stressful is going to come because of being disorganized and unprepared. Creating a moving checklist helps to mitigate the number of potential problems which may arise during a chaotic time. Here are some steps to do just that, from your local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage.

Moving Checklist Step #1: Schedule an Appointment with Professional Moving Services

The sooner that you can arrange for professional movers to assist you the better. Decide what items will be going to the new location and what you’ll be getting rid of. Items that you don’t want to keep can be sold in a garage sale or donated.


Moving Checklist Step #2: Take Care of Important Paperwork

Take the time to have any utilities and disconnected and transferred over to the new address. Forward your mail and register your children’s new residence with their school.


Moving Checklist Step #3: Purchase Packing Supplies and Pack Room by Room

After you’ve sorted out which of your belongings need to be moved, begin prepping them for transport. You’ll need to acquire the necessary packing supplies beforehand; moving boxes, packaging tape, shipping labels, scissors, bubble wrap, packing peanuts and any other packing supplies that might be needed for your move.


Moving Checklist Step #4: Empty Your Kitchen’s Contents

Perishable items shouldn’t be taken to your new home. Before moving, cook, or eat everything inside of your refrigerator. This is probably a great time to begin testing out some new recipes as well. Your refrigerator’s contents can spoil during the transportation process, especially when moving over long distances. While there are methods of transporting perishable goods if you absolutely need to, it’s best to consume everything beforehand.

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Mistakes happen during a move. It’s common to see a broken lamp or shattered glass on the ground. Unfortunately, torn and permanently stained mattresses aren’t an unseen sight either. The average person isn’t aware of how to properly pack a mattress. Most people just line them up along the side of the moving van, oblivious to the fact that mattresses are often damaged in this manner. The following steps will demonstrate just how to pack a mattress using the correct packing supplies to ensure that it’s protected throughout the moving process.


  1. Remove your sheets, comforters, and bed skirt from the mattress first. Wash and dry them thoroughly and then pack them separately into their own moving box. This way, your bedding is fresh and clean when you arrive at your new house.


  1. Pack your mattress in a mattress bag. These are plastic bags designed to protect your bed against tears, dirt, and other potential damaging agents during the moving process. Securely wrap the mattress bag in tape to make sure the bag stays in place. Mattress bags aren’t the most common items, but your local Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage will have any packing supplies you need.


  1. Take care when loading your mattress on the truck. Avoid bending or folding the mattress, especially those with coil springs. Be sure to get assistance from a friend or family member when lifting and moving. Mattresses are large and can be difficult to maneuver. Attempting to move a mattress alone can result in injury to yourself and/or damages to your mattress and other furniture.


  1. When loading other items on the truck, make sure to keep furniture with sharp and jagged edges away from the mattress. During transportation, the contents of the truck bed can move around or fall. Protect your mattress from potential damage by keeping it closer to the back and next against a van wall.



Things to Remember on Moving Day


Memphis’s growing economy has become an attractive destination for young business professionals in search of opportunities to further their career. There are fewer cities that offer the combination of small town hospitality and metropolitan possibilities. It’s a lifestyle that smart young upstarts have adopted in the past few years. Moving to the area isn’t the only intelligent decision that they’ve made. The majority have also contracted the full moving and packing services of our local Memphis movers.

Why Do People Love the All My Sons Professional Movers So Much?
The local Memphis movers of All My Sons Moving & Storage have been operating for over 20 years. Experience is very important when it comes to moving, as it is a lot of work and many things can go wrong throughout the process. When people request to have a move done, they want it done efficiently and correctly. Professional movers offer just that. More than that, our moving and packing service experts work to anticipate and fulfill the needs of our customers long before they realize that they haven’t planned for those occurrences. Not everyone can say that they’ve moved to Memphis before. However, we can lay claim to assisting thousands of families with their relocation.

Quality Service and Integrity
You don’t stay in business for so long without a strong reputation of great service to lean on. Busy professionals trust our moving and packing services because they are fully aware of the history of All My Sons Moving & Storage. No one can question our commitment to excellence and results driven attitude. Our local Memphis movers treat each move as if they’re moving their own belongings. Our goal is to get everything safely and securely transported from one destination to the next as fast as humanly possible. That’s why we’re considered to be the #1 Moving and Packing Service in Memphis.



Questions to Ask Your Movers and Packers

Items Your Moving Service Won’t Pack

There are different nuances and personalities involved with every move. Some of the factors that impact how you move and what you will need include the distance between the two locations, the number of items being moved, and the kind of items being transported. For instance, if you’re a resident of Maryville, Tennessee and moving to Knoxville, you’ll find that moving over such a short distance is going to be easy. Especially if you’re using the professional packing services of All My Sons Moving & Storage.
Still, for the DIY’ers out there who aren’t necessarily interested in using the packing services from the pros, here’s a list of packing supplies that will almost always be used in a small move:


  1. Cardboard Boxes – There are going to be very few occasions when quality, strong cardboard boxes aren’t needed in a move.


  1. Packaging Tape – Packaging tape will be one of the first items on your packing supplies list before planning your move to Knoxville. Getting your belongings safely secured for transport is a priority and tape will help make that possible.


  1. Shipping Labels – Think about it…if you were moving to Knoxville, would you not want to know what house you will be moving into? The same concept applies to your moving boxes. Label them so that you know what contents each holds and in which room they are designated to go into.


  1. Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts – We pack items into boxes so that they are both easier to transport and so that they aren’t damaged or broken when we load them. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts act in the same manner. Placing our belongings inside boxes is only one step in protecting valuables. Securing them with bubble wrap or packing peanuts provides an extra layer of protection.



Prepping and Packing Timeline for Your Move to Memphis

How to Unpack Effectively



The Memphis movers at All My Sons Moving & Storage have created this short list of packing hacks that will save your life!

Cover liquids in plastic wrap

Before you pack your liquids, you should take the tops off and cover the opening with plastic wrap. Doing this prevents any spills or leaks which then turn into messes!

Pack books inside suitcases

Books get heavy- pack them in your suitcases to make them easier to transport.

Put Styrofoam plates in between breakable plates

The Styrofoam plates help protect the plates from banging against one another during the move.

Use plastic wrap to seal dresser drawers

Leave your stuff in your dresser drawers and wrap the dresser with plastic wrap to keep the drawers secure. Your drawers become their very own moving boxes.

Wrap dishes in clothing

Save on packing supplies by wrapping your dishes in clothes. It’s a win-win. You get to save money and pack your clothes all in one shot.

Put your cords in paper towel roll

Keep your cords from getting tangled up by putting them in paper towel rolls. You can write on the roll with a permanent market, and that way you’ll know exactly what the cord belongs to.

Put pillows in garbage bags

Your pillows, blankets and comforters can go in garbage bags. This keeps them relatively clean and you can use them as padding for furniture in the moving truck.

Pack essentials last

You should pack your overnight bag, toiletries, tool kit and everything else you might need into your car last.

Thread your necklaces through straws

Never have a tangled-up necklace again. Thread your necklaces through straws and you won’t have to worry about them during the move.

Put screws in a plastic bag

This is one of the packing hacks that will save you the most time. By putting screws in small plastic bags, you’ll be able to put your furniture back together so effortlessly. You can label the bags and know exactly what the screws belong to.

Should you invest in packing services, and have time to do spend in Memphis, check out a list of free things you and your family can do. The Memphis movers at All My Sons have created this list so that you can enjoy all that Memphis has to offer!

The Zoo

If you’re free on a Tuesday afternoon and are a Tennessee resident, bring your ID and you can get into one of the country’s best zoos for free! If you are looking for an afternoon to kill, you’ll have hundreds of exhibits to check out and it will be well with your visit. You might have to pay a few extra bucks to see the pandas, but hey, free admission sounds pretty good to us.

See a Mummy

The University of Memphis is home to an art museum containing exhibits and galleries ranging from Egyptian mummies and artifacts to student installations. Our Memphis movers suggest that it’s best to go on Sunday when campus is less busy, and you can park in the central parking lot closest to the museum.

Tour and Taste at a Vodka Distillery

Pyramid vodka is made with Memphis’ artesian water and corn and created in small batches and bottled by hand. Tours and tastings are free and they take place in the afternoon on Wednesday through Friday and most of the day on Saturday.

Visit the Memphis Soul Music Headquarters

The Stax Museum of American Soul Music is located in Soulsville. On Tuesdays afternoons, you can visit the museum for free, as long as you present your ID. You’ll get a feel for the history and heritage of Stax Records while also getting to check out where hit records were recorded.

Call us today for a free quote! Let us tell you about our packing services so that you can have time to spend with your family.

If you are preparing for a move in Memphis and you are not hiring full-service movers to pack and move your new home, you are going to need to find packing supplies. The upside to buying boxes is that you know for certain that you’re getting good, strong, quality boxes. The downside is that they are expensive. The movers at All My Sons Memphis are here to tell you how to get free or inexpensive boxes for your move.

Liquor stores have the strongest boxes which are perfect for packing books, dishes, small breakables and glassware. These boxes have to be much sturdier than standard shipping boxes. Bottles are usually shipped in boxes that have dividers to keep each bottle in place. This works perfectly for glassware!

You can also go to retail stores for packing supplies. They are usually more than willing to share boxes they no longer need with you. Retail stores receive shipments of bigger boxes and these can be used to pack lamps and shades, pillows and other large items.

Grocery stores receive their produce in thick-walled boxes. These boxes will protect your things very well. The boxes also come with cut-out handles that make carrying the boxes much easier. You should usually call ahead before showing up at the store. When the stores receive shipments, management may be willing to set aside boxes for you. Some stores are not allowed to give away boxes, so you should definitely call ahead to save yourself time.

If you are unable to find packing supplies that you feel comfortable using, you should call the Memphis movers at All My Sons. We have all of the necessary packing supplies to ensure that your belongings are transported safely.

The summer can be a really ideal time to sell your home because of time. During the summer, people have more time to get personal projects done around the house, and your landscaping and outdoor areas look great during the summer. The outdoor spaces that you have can really add a lot of value to your home. Patios, gazebos, backyards and built-in grills are all major summer selling points.

When you are showing your house during the summer, you want to make sure it feels cool. You should keep your air conditioning at a comfortable temperature, especially during an open house. If it’s not too hot or humid, you can keep the windows open for a natural breeze.

You should make sure that your front and backyards are properly maintained and landscaped. The pool should also be cleaned to ensure that its showcased the best way. If you don’t already have outdoor furniture, you should consider purchasing some because patio furniture can make the space look very inviting. You should also add some fresh flowers and plants to the backyard area. If you want to take staging a step further you can add flowers, plates, glasses and a nice tablecloth to your outdoor table.

A tip for selling your outdoor areas: give the potential homeowners the name and contact info of the landscaping companies you work with. This will instill confidence in them that should they buy the house, they will be able to keep it maintained as well.

When you find the perfect homeowners for your place, it’s time to get moving. The full service Memphis movers at All My Sons are ready to give you the most stress-free move possible. We offer the best packing services to meet the needs of your move and will have you ready to go in no time.