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The Best Ways to Thank Packers in Memphis

A lot of All My Sons Moving & Storage packers and movers are thanked for their hard work by the people they move. Although our movers in Memphis require no tipping, and no tipping is expected, some of our happy customers like to show their appreciation. Here are a few of the ways that our satisfied customers like to thank us for our moving and packing services.


As we mentioned before, tipping is not expected nor required. Customers who tip our movers in Memphis tend to do so with a tipping method that has become standard for tipping moving companies.

Tip between $20 and $40 for movers and between $10 and $20 for packers.

Hand the tip to each individual Memphis mover or packers.

Tip at the end of the service based on your overall satisfaction.

For long distance moving, some customer prefer to give 3% – %5 to each mover and 5% for packing services. Choose the amount you’re most comfortable with because we’re sure the movers will be appreciative of any amount they receive.


Instead of tipping, some movers in Memphis are offered lunch and cold drinks as a means to be thanked. Customers will usually ask what they prefer and order a lunch that’s easy to share for everyone. Though the typical moving lunch has always been pizza, but you can get creative.

We only ask that you stick to cold, refreshing drinks and stay away from alcohol. Instead offer some lemonade, Gatorade, or even ice-cold water which is most welcome after a day providing top notch packing services.

Just Say Thank You

There’s no better way to thank movers in Memphis, or anywhere else for that matter, but simply saying “thank you”. We love to hear that our work was appreciated and that our clients are happy. Leave us a review and let the whole moving community know that we help you!


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