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The Dangers of Using the Wrong Packing Companies in Memphis

Not all packing companies in Memphis were created equal! Like any other service, packing services are only as good as the experience of the packers. All My Sons Moving & Storage hire only the best and most experienced packers in Memphis and the results speak for themselves. In that regard, we want to discuss some of the dangers that people face when they don’t choose the best packing companies in Memphis.

No Insurance

It should go without saying but sometimes it helps to be reminded. Never hire any packing companies in Memphis that are uninsured! The phrase hope for the best and plan for the worst is always something to keep in mind when you’re doing any sort of local or long distance moving. Always check to see if the packing companies in Memphis you want to use have insurance.

Here are the credentials for All My Sons Moving & Storage in Memphis:

S. DOT No.: 2117516

MC: 738005

Lack of Experience

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, experience is key! The benefit of using packing services is the peace of mind that only a professional service can offer. Look for packing companies in Memphis that have at least 5 years’ experience and ongoing operations.

An experience packing company will know what questions to ask and what details to cover thoroughly.

No Follow Up or Recourse

Local packing services don’t have the branches and the corporate headquarters to handle any follow up you may have after the move. If you’re moving to or from Memphis, ensure that the packing company you use has a location close to your new home. That will allow you the opportunity to discuss any further questions and give feedback on the packing service.

Packing services with multiple locations will usually have more reviews and better support because they are conveniently located across the country.



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