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Tipping Guide for Memphis Movers

The holidays are just around the corner, and so is your move. The holiday season also brings on gift buying and thin pockets. However, if you are moving to Memphis this holiday season, you can’t forget about your Memphis movers and the always awkward tipping scenario.


We hope that after reading this helpful post, you understand that tipping is never a requirement, but highly encouraged. So, how much should you tip your Memphis movers after the process has completed? There’s typically no designated amount, but the recommended value comes down to a few factors.


How big is the move/how much stuff do you have?

Are you moving into a multi-level structure?

Time for the move to be completed by the moving crew – a few hours? A day?

Did you take advantage of the packing services Memphis movers have to offer?


Once again, we cannot stress enough that a tip is completely up to you, but based on the above questions, the average move has a courtesy tip of about $10/$15 per member of the moving crew.


This amount is a general amount for a 3 to 6-hour move. If your move takes more time, around 7 to 8 hours, the suggested tip per mover jumps up to about $20.


You may be thinking; “my move is definitely going to take longer than 10 hours to complete.” In this scenario, depending on how many hours you go over the 10-hour mark, Memphis moving companies recommend $50 to $100 per mover. We may be professionals, but the stress and strain our movers endure with very large, long moves can really take a toll on a moving professional’s body.


This holiday season, don’t forget the gift of giving when your moving crew is working hard to get you into your new home during the holiday time they could be spending with their families. Our family would love to help you move yours, but keep in mind the hard work they put in!


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