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Packing Product Alternatives for Long Distance Moving

You’ve found your new home and now it’s time to get packing. The process of packing for long distance moving can be time consuming and expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. All My Sons Moving & Storage is a full service moving and packing company with decades of moving experience and we know all the little tips and tricks to help you make your long distance move to Memphis a little more pleasant. This packing product alternatives will save you time, and money, and get you there in a better mood!

  • Packing Blankets – Clothing

You’re already trying to figure out how to get your clothes in those boxes and where to store them on the truck. Then there’s all the valuables and delicate you have that you don’t want to be ruined throughout the long distance moving process.

Let’s cut out the middle man.

Clothing is one of the great packing product alternatives because you have to pack it anyway so why not use it to cushion your valuables! Line the inside of your boxes with clothes to keep them save during the move.

  • Moving Pads – Blankets

How about using blankets as packing product alternatives? This is another seemingly unused but effective means to save space in the moving truck and save money on packing products. Use your blankets and linens to line the inside of boxes and to keep wooden and clothe furniture from being damaged during the move.

  • Bubble Wrap – Sandwich Bags

Never had long distance moving been so thrifty! Reusable sandwich bags are perfect packing product alternatives for bubble wrap. Simply blow up the bags and seal them. You can apply packing tape or regular cello tape to ensure that the bags hold the air through the moving process. Freezer bags work best because they can take a lot of strain and remain intact.


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